We are specializing in creation of tailor made database solutions.

Databases are everywhere, every piece of information is stored in database.

We make a full circle work with databases, beginning from data analysis and ending with creation of end user interface.

If you experience some database problems, or you just think, that those problems can be caused by your database – drop us a message and we will have a look.
Even if you have no idea, what the database is, but you have questions with the existing software, or you do not have software at all – drop us a message.
There is a big chance, that we can help you.

A few words about technologies that we are using.
We are working with Microsoft technologies stack, having more than 20 years’ experience with different versions of MS SQL Server.
Server side: MS Server, MS SQL Server, IIS
Client side: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript.


We are helping our clients with a wide range of hardware questions.

Some of our solutions: